Vaginal pain

Posted by eliana1234 @eliana1234, Nov 29, 2021

I’ve been experiencing random vaginal pain for months. It started out with me having random UTIs every month. Last time I went to the dr they couldn’t figure it out. It hurts to pee if I’m not constantly drinking water and also hurts to have sex (this never was an issue a year ago). Any ideas on what this could be?

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correction, it burns after i pee and i get weird stomach aches behind my belly button


I developed severe pain at the perineum, and the adjacent labia majors, halfway up of the vulva. My gynecologist prescribed a gabapentin based salve to be applied to the area. It helped pretty much with the labia pain, but did not much for the pain of the perineum (just for information, I have never been pregnant, but needed a reconstruction of my vagina).
My pelvic floor PT started to conduct desensitization massage of the perineum, and that seems to help very much, I hardly have any pain left.

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