Vaginal Mesh Complications

Posted by laurakabale @laurakabale, Jun 10 6:59pm

I had a vaginal mesh implant 10 years ago, with no problems (it detached a little bit shortly after the surgery healed, but caused no problems). I've also had a radical hysterectomy since then.
Today I noticed a little vaginal spotting, only on wiping after urinating. I know it's from the vagina and not the rectum or urethra. It's not much, but I can't imagine what it could be, since I have no uterus and am sewn at the top of the vaginal cavity. Possibly from the mesh? I've heard there can be complications.

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Hello @laurakabale

My mom had the same procedures about 10 or so years ago. Her mesh has also torn some. I don’t know if she’s had any bleeding. I do believe the mesh she has is the one that had a problem and many that were used, failed.

Maybe you should call your gynecologist or primary care physician soon to discuss what to do next.
Best wishes


Hello @laurakabale and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Your recent experience is certainly curious given your hysterectomy and can imagine you'd like to know for certain what is going on.

Members such as @luftmensh1 @baxtersmom @gardeningjunkie and @jeanne5009 have all previously shared about vaginal mesh complications following prolapse. I am hoping they can come back and share a bit more with you.

Have you scheduled an appointment with your doctor to be seen?


It was because of vaginal mesh complications that I opted for colpocleisis in August 2021. In this procedure, the vagina is made shorter and narrower and there is no use of mesh at all. I had read and heard of vaginal mesh cases in which the mesh became embedded in human tissue and women developed infections and even died. I've heard that they are using a different type of mesh now and that techniques have improved.

After colpocleisis, the vagina can no longer accommodate a penis, so intercourse is not possible. Since I was 83 with a significantly disabled husband at the time of surgery, this seemed like a good choice. The pessary was no longer working well for me. At the same time, I had a total hysterectomy, including ovaries and fallopian tubes, all done vaginally.

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