Vaginal discharge

Posted by cac1969 @cac1969, Nov 2, 2020

I have had this for at least 10 years, I'm almost 70. Everything I have read sounds like there is no sure.

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Good afternoon @cac1969 welcome to Connect… enthusiastic online community led by patients, mentors and some expert moderators. None of us have medical backgrounds. I like to say…."we've just been there". I can't imagine dealing with vaginal discharge for 10 years. How frequently do you have this issue? I guess the next question for which we need an answer is this: what medical attention have you had…….examinations? tests? medication?

If you have had some medical guidance……how long ago has it been? Have you seen some changes in your symptoms recently which led you to explore answers on Connect? Please let us know a bit more so we don't take up all your time trying to make sure we are walking along the same path. Did you mean to use the word "cure" at the end of your introductory post? So….if you are looking for relief…..would that be the "cure".

I will make sure @colleenyoung receives this post. She is our Director and may have something right off her fingertips that is helpful. She's like that….steps in to help when you need her.

Please have a joyful day.


@cac1969– I'd also like to welcome you to Connect. Vaginal discharge can be caused by many, many things. I'd love to get some history from you so that we can guide you in the best possible way. Do you know what precipitated this 10 years ago? Have you seen your Gynecologist at all for this or had any tests done?


Hello @cac1969. We are excited you are here on Connect and hope that you will find this community a place to discuss health-related topics. I see that @artscaping and @merpreb have joined the discussion with some good questions.

I was able to find some information that might help you start the conversation with your provider.
– Mayo Clinic: Symptoms on Vaginal Discharge:
– Medical News Today: A color-coded guide to vaginal discharge, including when to see a doctor:
– Patient education: Vaginal discharge in adult women (Beyond the Basics):

I know you mentioned that you have already been reading about it, but maybe these articles are new to you and can provide additional information. Ten years is a long time, so I understand that you might want some answers. Are you experiencing any other ongoing symptoms?

I’m looking forward to readings your posts, and Welcome to Connect!


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