Vagina pains

Posted by leo01 @leo01, Aug 17, 2021

So I am going through a very stressful time in my life so I am sure it is the cause for whatever this medical issue is of mine. At first I thought it was a Bartholin cyst but now i am not too sure. I have been taking sitz baths, I have been using a heat compress, but the one sensation that is not leaving is the burning sensation. When I am lying down or sitting, I dont feel anything but then I feel it as soon as I get up. it feels like there is a rash or paper cut down there. Please advise.

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@loribmt– I had early menopause from surgery. Do you know the youtube menopause expert? You will love her!
And here is another one that might interest you":

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Hi Merry,

Wow, those videos are excellent! I listened to the Exercise Tips one and she is really right on. She said that she was (or is) a gynecological surgeon so she really knows how to teach about menopause!

Thanks for introducing me to her website and videos. I, too, had an early menopause (late 40's) so I've been dealing with this for a long time as well.

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