Vagina itchiness

Posted by audreekylee06 @audreekylee06, Mar 7 11:46am

My daughter (18, she is newly sexual active) has been having issues with mostly itchiness off and on for 2 months now. We went to the dr, urine testing was normal , prescription was given for uti and yeast infection even tho tests were normal. Her issue got better but now having problems again. Any input on this topic?

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I used to get recurring yeast infections. It would clear up after being treated, then reappear soon after. It was frustrating. I haven’t had one in a long time, but the only med that really helped me was Teragol. (It’s prescription only.) I used to have external yeast infection and the test would show negative at doctor’s office, but I knew. If untreated, it would progress. I’d put my cream on outside.

I don’t know her form of contraception, but some condoms seem to irritate me. I guess it’s the spermicide they are covered with. Also, using fragrant soap or douches can cause irritation. There are a lot of potential causes. Has she had a pelvic exam?

In case it continues, I’d have her blood sugar checked. Just as a precaution.

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