UTI with ESBL in one year old girl

Posted by pk17 @pk17, Sep 1, 2019


My one year old daughter has an ESBL UTI. One week after 10 days of ertapenem, the bacteria was still there. We then moved into Augmentin/clavulanic acid for 10 days. During the course of the second antibiotic, no bacteria was found. However, 5 days after the treatment is finished, we found it back.

I start to be very concerned about this and would like to know if someone experienced such a thing and what would be the best treatment option?

I really appreciate your help,

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Hi @pk17 and welcome to Connect. That must be so frightening.

Here's more information about extended spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBL): https://www.healthline.com/health/esbl

What has your pediatrician recommended?


I never had UTIs until I started taking tub baths. Try showers.


Hi @pk17 ,
It must be very worrisome when the antibiotics fail. Did your daughter have any other testing, such as renal ultrasound and VCUG (voiding cystourethrogram) to see if the urinary tract shows some defect that can explain the infections? If you close to a university hospital you may be able to get an appointment with a pediatric kidney specialist- that’s what I would do to get an answer.

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