Urine, biofilm idk

Posted by lindamoo @lindamoo, Jan 17, 2023

So my daughter has had chronic urinary issues. This is her fresh morning urine yes in a clean clear plastic cup at home. I'm at a loss I don't know what is wrong with her. We have been in and out of doctors appointments and ER visits round after round after round of antibiotics. And she has a constant urination like this it'll clear for a week or two then right back to this. Is this a biofilm issue? She's with chronic kidney stones and UTI and yeast issues. What is wrong with her urine and why does it look like this and the smell is vomit inducing it smells up the whole house.. can anyone please tell me what is this or what to ask the doctor's to help with. Before I took charge of my daughter's medical she had gone to the ER 18 times in 3 months they just gave her an IV and send her away she is 22. When I stepped in she had sepsis of her mouth, blood and horrific kidney stones attached to both ends of a stent left in 18 months past due " in her bladder and kidney and starting up to her liver". She was having seizures and acute liver and kidney and heart failure.

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Is your daughter under the care of a urologist? If not, you should get her in to see one.


@lindamoo, it sounds like your daughter is in the care of many doctors. Is a urologist and/or nephrologist parts of her team? They would be best to answer your questions. I hope she find answers and healing and comfort soon.

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