Urinating retention

Posted by gcranor @gcranor, Jul 10, 2022

I need to use a catheter 6 times of day and night as it may take up to 5 or 10 minutes to pee. I have many back surgeries and fused from s1 to the first T level. I do not have an enlarged prostrate.
What should my doctors be looking for; I have increased the number of times I need to use a catheter over pass 3 to 4 years. I also have a burning sensation after sex; I have been check for all types of infections. My doctors really don’t treat the issue only checks my prostrate and all people know how the doctors do it!

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Good day gcranor! Perhaps you should seek a second opinion. Retention is never good and a good Urologist would try to find the cause and offer a treatment for it. I believe in second opinions.


This may not be relevant for you, but in case your urologist has not mentioned it, urine retention can lead to acute renal failure. The urine trapped in your bladder starts backing up into the kidneys and causing damage that may be permanent. To avoid this, make sure your urologist is doing bladder scans every three months or so, or right now if you feel you are not completely emptying. A bladder scan is simple and painless, and takes just a few minutes. It is a form of ultrasound, where you are instructed to urinate and empty your bladder, and then they do the scan by rubbing the ultrasound paddle over your lower belly where your bladder is, to see how much urine is left or retained in your bladder. It should be a very low amount, like 100 ml or so. If it is high, like 500 ml to 1000 ml, you have the potential for the urine backing up into your kidneys. My urologist did not check for this or tell me it was a potential problem, and I ended up in acute renal failure due to urine retention related to an enlarged prostate, and now have chronic kidney disease.


If I use a catheter in the late afternoon through the night and early morning will retention during the day cause any problems. I urinate some during the day; however it is very embarrassing to be standing over a urinal for along time and men come and go.


I drink a gallon of water a day and can pee much longer than most others in a public bathroom. I’m not concerned as most think you have Prostrate issue. I’m just glad at 70 I can still pee like a fire hose and don’t have ED.

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