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This Washington Post article is superb. My hope is that you can access it. If not, try using search terms for Unusual Cancers Post Covid, Kashyap Patel (the doctor doing so much with this - CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates), in hopes one will turn up articles that are accessible if you can't access this one.


What the article discusses: cancers that normally would not have occurred in those who had not had any signs of cancer were only found post COVID. Fascinating for me: I had radiation for non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in the mid-2000s. When my legs began to swell after getting COVID and the rash developed, even those who knew my history (incl the ER to which I went 2x that is part of the hospital where the radiation was done) never mentioned the lymphedema as a concern. It was only the person who fitted me for leg wraps more than a year later because finally after a year, someone suggested it was lymphedema! I joke about my own work when people say it's not brain surgery or rocket science; you'd think that medical professionals could connect some dots.

Excerpts from the article:
>>John T. Schiller, a National Institutes of Health researcher and pioneer in the study of cancer-causing viruses, said pathogens known to cause cancer persist in the body long-term. But the class of respiratory viruses that includes influenza and RSV — a family that counts the coronavirus as a member — infects a patient and then typically goes away instead of lingering and is not believed to cause cancer.

“You can never say never, but that sort of … virus does not suggest being implicated in cancers,” Schiller said.

David Tuveson, director of the Cancer Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and former president of the American Association for Cancer Research, said there’s no evidence the coronavirus directly transforms cells to make them cancerous. But that may not be the full story.

Tuveson said a number of small and early studies — many of which have been published within the past nine months — suggests that coronavirus infection can induce an inflammatory cascade and other responses that, in theory, could exacerbate the growth of cancer cells.

He has wondered whether it could be more akin to an environmental stressor — like tobacco, alcohol, asbestos or microplastics.

“Covid wrecks the body, and that’s where cancers can start,” Tuveson said, explaining how autopsy studies of people who died of covid-19 showed prematurely aged tissue.< <

It's just more to add to our growing body of knowledge that some, like this marvelous Dr. Patel, are discussing.

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