Unknown condition/ heart palpations

Posted by cman23 @cman23, Aug 12, 2022

I have this unknown condition that has negatively affected me for 2 years. I felt like I was having a heart attack one night, went to the hospital and they found I was having PVCs. I also had intense ear pressure/fullness. I have had numerous symptoms since then including burning/hot sensation in whole body, pressure behind the eyes (including waking up every morning with heavy eyes), ear fullness/pressure, weird sensation in head that sort of feels like pressure, chest burning, and urinary issues. I have had clear MRI and CT scan, been to 2 eye doctors , cardiologist, 2 ENTs, psychiatrist, urologist, neurologist, nephrologist, and dentist. I do have PKD and high blood pressure. I take both Valsartan and metropolol. They have blood tested for many things including thyroid, autoimmune disease, echocardiogram, etc. The only test result that came back one time was a high D dimer, which they then ran a CT scan of the whole body and found no clots. My head always feels off and my vision always feels like my glasses are dirty kind of vision. I also have fullness of ears and a burning sensation when I swallow. It has been constant for 2 years with zero relief. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi, @cman23. The scope of your symptoms and your reliance on a range of specialists should have yielded some clues, but apparently not. Given the range of possibilities, I would think about adding an endocrinologist to your medical team, revisiting your neurologist, considering a specialist in food digestion, and consulting with a specialist in genomics to see if you inherited a vulnerability that's concerning you. It's encouraging that you have traveled so far and can go further in your search for answers. Martin

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