University College of London study

Posted by Jon @jh31251, Jul 23, 2022

Have others heard about the University College of London study. Here is a link to the study, very interesting, you can make your own conclusions, I have and will share if anyone wants an opinion.

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I’ve had anxiety/depression most of my life and have always said the anxiety came first. As severe as it was, who wouldn’t get depressed?
In my opinion psychiatrists will parrot what they’ve been in”doc”trinated(pun intended) to say-that studies show if people feel less depressed they report feeling less anxious. That was not my experience. I’ve sincerely tried every anti depressant out there and all I can say is they made me more nervous. So far the only thing that has worked for me is Xanax. When I’m calmer I feel less depressed. Surprise surprise! I know Xanax has its downside but it has made it possible for me to live a normal or better than normal life.
Yes, I’m pretty sure that study is onto something; I’m just surprised it got funded or published.

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