Unexplained Sensations and muscle twitching

Posted by drigg97 @drigg97, Apr 7, 2022

My journey started about four months ago (December 07, 2021). I had a bump and blister on my neck next to my spine , had an MRI done, and the report said it was probably cancer. The small blistery patch was diagnosed as shingles and was treated with antivirus meds. It soon disappeared. After three weeks of extreme worrying about the MRI report they found out is was not cancer and just a artifact on the imaging.
Then a couple weeks later (January 15, 2022) my legs started prickling, itching (not a physical itch) or tingling ( a very unpleasant sensation that is hard to describe) especially when I wore pants or any type of material was touching them. I also had burning on my back, shoulder and arm. The itching and tingling sensation soon spread from my legs to my arms, torso and genitalia . These sensations were unbearable, so my family physician prescribed me gabapentin which helped my a lot! Since then I have had to up my dosage x2 from 900mg to 1800mg.
Follow up MRIs showed that my neck was riddled with arthritis, stenosis, bone spurs and other degeneration. My family practitioner suspected this degeneration could be causing my sensations and sent me to the neurosurgeon. He noted that my history of psoriatic arthritis may have contributed to the problems in my neck. After going to the neurosurgeon he said that the degeneration in my neck was not causing the weird sensations and referred me to a neurologist.
Several neurologists have did extensive work ups and have not found anything on my brain or spinal cord imaging that would explain the sensations. They did do a spinal tap which showed raised CSF proteins at 95 MG/UL, with no white blood cells and no banding that would indicate multiple sclerosis. The opening pressure during the Lumbar puncture was 25.5 which is a little high, but was attributed to a traumatic tap. I do have brisk reflexes throughout . EMG’s of my leg and arm have come back normal. My diagnosis is Transverse Myelitis with possible CNS inflammation but doesn’t seem to fit. I have a small fiber biopsy scheduled in May.
Now I have muscle twitching throughout my whole body.
I just finished my first real treatment today for my conditions which was 3 doses of methylprednisone 1000mg pulse treatment infusions. I have high hopes for this treatment. The sensations feel to be about the same and the twitching may be a little better but is still somewhat constant. They concern me the most.
I have no problems with grip or walking.

Other symptoms :
Face pins and needles ,Burning & Tightness
Muscle knots in legs
Blurred Vision
Sexual Disfunction
Low Oxygen
Slow heart rate
Some slowed sweating
Muscle twitching in arms, legs, back, neck buttocks, chin

Has anyone had these kind of symptoms together?
Can’t find any conditions that have all of this crazy stuff together.
It’s really taking a toll on me and the family trying to find out, any feed back would be appreciated!

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Have had much the same unexplained symptoms. Have decided at the age of 76 and with a host of other yet to be explained pains that come and go but the pain in my right side, waist down, when I woke this morning panicked me. First time so bad it nearly took me down. My doctor said I have some stenosis in the lumbar area. I am afraid of any surgeries. But this is the first such extreme pain.

Had trouble with right side for a week now and pain gone now but lurking in the background, lol!

I get twitches, etc., in that leg often and they are unpredictable. I thank goodness I have so much “stuff” in the house, I manage to not hit the tile floor. Yet.

Glad I read this….but not glad you are suffering so much.

Peace and love to you.

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You should seek out physician therapy for your back issue before you try anything else. Surgery is your last resort but do you have a diagnosis?

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