undiagnosed symptoms with short term memory loss

Posted by unknown7 @unknown7, Jun 14, 2018

I have events that start with not being able to speak coherently or not being able to read words. This lasts about 1-2 minutes. Then I have a headache and sometimes confusion of where I am. Have short term memory loss and difficulty remembering numbers or new concepts for a few weeks then it passes. Have had MRIs…nothing shown…except normal pressure hydrocephalus that has been declined as the reason. Has anyone experienced these symptoms and recovered or discovered cause and treatment? Have had many tests …difficulty getting into neuropsych memory evaluation. Been searching for the answers for years. Appreciate any ideas about it.

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Dear @unknown7.I read a situation may be similar to that which you talking about. I feel how It is hard and difficult to just sitting there and only watching self. I prefer not to make any diagnosis or determine definite answers for you, but as a suggestion which might help, are you living in humid or hot, or greenish area. Surrounding area which means the nature and negative issues around us might play a big negative effect on our brains and may be we do not know that. Wishing you getting well soon!


For me it was brought on by a lesion on left temporal lobe from a lesion I got when my mom was pregnant with me when she had a fever. I have the same symptoms but after a few 1000 seizures from that same area I think you can see why. If you do that evaluation testing be prepared to be angry or frustrated with the scores because it can answer some questions you and your drs have. I'm probably going to have to go through another one because I'm going through aphasia and anomia problems writing and speaking. There are websites that can help you with memory like aphasiatherapy.com because they're lessons like the eval test would be


Hello, @unknown7 – wondering how things are going with the events you described previously with the short-term memory loss, trouble speaking coherently and reading words?


Make sure to be tested for atrial fibrillation. We thought our sister had symptoms of dementia, but it was afib. She had cardioversion and she’s her old self!

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