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Hi, I was recently found to have stage 2 CKD. I had an ultrasound the kidney's and some blood test all were normal expect CKD. I have had chronic bladder infections since I was born. As a teen, I seen nephrology and had every test under the sun. Nothing. Wondering if anyone can relate, and/ or found a diagnosis. Thanks

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Depending on your age and your GFR (which is affected by dehydration and other factor if it is based on creatinine), stage 3 can be something to watch but not worry a lot about. A lot of people of a certain age have stage 3. Stage 2 is actually normal function (over 60). You can also have a Cystatin C test which gives a different kind of GFR that isn't as influenced by other factors. Good luck!

ps I wish they would stop calling it "stage 3 kidney disease."


@connecting29 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! You don't mention your age. It is a common fact that our kidney function may decline a bit as we age. Here is the range of kidney function as it relates to the different stages:
Stage 1 with normal or high GFR (GFR > 90 mL/min)
Stage 2 Mild CKD (GFR = 60-89 mL/min)
Stage 3A Moderate CKD (GFR = 45-59 mL/min)
Stage 3B Moderate CKD (GFR = 30-44 mL/min)
Stage 4 Severe CKD (GFR = 15-29 mL/min)
Stage 5 End Stage CKD (GFR < 15 mL/min)

From the National Kidney Foundation, here is a brief article about aging and declining kidney function: https://www.kidney.org/content/kidney-failure-risk-factor-age

Chronic kidney disease can be caused by genetic factors like polycystic kidneys, underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and uncontrolled high blood pressure, or long term exposure to certain medications or lifestyle choices. Also, acute [sudden] kidney injury could cause a drop in kidney function.

What has your doctor told you may be the cause of your kidney disease?


I know this must be very unsettling for you! Totally normal . You'll find a lot of info here . Gingers info is helpful.
I have learned that lots of things affect my levels. Especially periods of dehydration, excess exercise, e en certain high protein meals task the kidneys. If you have diabetes , uncontrolled sugars cam affect it as well. A recent UTI can even affect my levels.
It's about balance and more then one test result.
Did your doctors plan any followup tests to monitor this ?

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