Understanding how to use the new diabetes testers being advertised.

Posted by dorisena @dorisena, Jul 8, 2021

Listening to the ads on TV for the testers placed on the arm helped me understand why new diabetic testers don't understand how to best use the information on the apparatus. The term, "out of range" means little to me if I hadn't learned how to change my diet to lower blood sugar levels and which carbs are better than others for controlling the problem. A nutritionist is the best source for help in lowering the high numbers, and the tester doesn't give you information for the solutions for the day. The machine tells you vaguely where you are at the moment and the pills lower blood sugar for a number of hours. It it learning about how the food you eat affects your condition that helps you make better choices. It is not a denial process for food, but a reaching out for different foods which give better results and improve your health. The tester tells you when your are in trouble with your eating. It is not o,k. with me to be "out of range" part of the time. My goal is to stay in a healthy range all the time and it takes meal planning to reach that goal. See a nutritionist with a positive attitude and quit worrying about what you can't eat. Dorisena

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I totally agree that what we eat matters . A routine light exercises can do wonders in bringing the high numbers down .

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