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Underactive Thyroid

Posted by @glassbottomboat in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Oct 27, 2011

Does anyone else have an extremely hard time losing weight with an underactive thyroid? My results are always in the "normal" range, but I'm also tired all the time, fingernails chip and I have a point on my neck where my thyroid this normal?


Posted by @lux2, Oct 28, 2011

I have Graves Disease since I was 27. I am 62 now. My overactive thyroid was decreased by radiation which caused it to be under active. I always have a weight problem even with medication. I do take a lot of vitamins for my nails, hair and skin and this also helps with being tired. I find when I excercise I feel much better, less tired and do lose weight. I,m not talking about anything more than long walks. You will see a difference.

But to be on the safe side If I were you, I'd get a second opinion and your levels rechecked by another physician just to be sure everything is normal.


Posted by @glassbottomboat, Oct 28, 2011

I"m due for my yearly physical the first part of next year and they always check them at that time, but I will again bring up my issues. I joined Weight Watchers at one time, but was discouraged when I found I eat the same way anyway and it still took me 4 month to lose 3 lbs. I walk 45 minutes every day and exercise 45 minutes 4-5 nights a week. I tried changing the kind of nightly exercise, but it doesn't seem to help. At least it's variety! I've had 2 physicians tell me my levels are normal. Maybe I just have a weird system.


Posted by @homenurse61, Apr 17, 2012

I am in the same boat as you. I run into the same issues with weight loss. While I easily gain weight, taking it off is almost impossible. I am able to lose approx 4 lbs right away and then it stops. Of course everyone assumes you are cheating on your diet or lying about exercise, but of course you are not. My lab results always reveal my TSH is very low but my free T4 and free T3 are low normal. I am on armour thyroid, but my symptoms are not much better. I have been doing research. Read "stop the thyroid maddness" it may help. I am also looking into pituitary tumors. They are an often undiagnosed cause of some of the symptoms. Have you been to the docs at Mayo?

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Posted by @willowmina, Oct 31, 2011

Yes I do. They have changed my Thyroid medicine so many times. I am now on .175mcgs. I am losing my hair, skin is so dry that if anyone needed a dna sample all they would have to do is dust my furniture:). Sometimes it feels like I can't even get out of bed to start my day. I have ridges on my nails and they break all the time. but I keep the faith that some day they (Dr's) will get this straightened out. Hang in there and keep smiling.

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