Under mental health conservatorship. Need help fighting diagnosis and

Posted by surrender @surrender, Jul 2, 2020

I am competent and been the victim of court appointees regarding my life choices living, health etc and non financial access to my income. Need psychiatric free advice as well as free legal help. My diagnosis was sought after by family member who is stranger to me and wanted a severe mental illness to be mine originally, and had my money and sought severe conservatorship over my person. Please let me know if you have a remedy for this
My financial hardships is due to his fees.
Please advise now.

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@surrender Welcome to Mayo Connect. I am unsure where you are located. When I lived in California, a person being conserved had a conservator appointed for a one year period, and had to go through a yearly reappointment. If you are privately conserved, that is, not overseen by a Public Guardian, there is a mental health professional assessment done each year, plus an annual accounting. The conservatee [you] can protest the conservator, and go to trial. Now remember, this is in California, so your state may be different. I suggest you check with your county's Public Guardian Office, as a start. We are not medical professionals here, nor can we offer legal or medical advice.

I hope this gives you a stepping stone to start with. You will probably need to have proof and documentaion of the things you allege. Will you let me know if this helps?

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