Unable to lift Right & Left arms

Posted by hardie @hardie, Jul 7, 2022

Hi, Anyone experience the below.
Had x-trays with and without contrast of the Brain , Spine , GI system and blood work, without a clear evidence of my situation. Loss weight, muscel loss around the biseps & Triseps and start to affect my leg muscels above the knee.
I have completed Mayo Clinic Pre-registration and on a waiting list.

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Hello @hardie,

I see that you posted in April about this problem in the "Anyone experience SMA4-Spinal Muscular Atrophy affecting the arms?" discussion group. I am pleased to hear that you are on the wait list at Mayo Clinic.

I see that Jennifer, @jenniferhunter, sent you directions to other Connect discussion groups as well as a link to the SMA foundation website. https://smafoundation.org/about-sma/2685-2/. Have you had an opportunity to read any of those?

You don't mention how long you have had these symptoms. Has it been several months or longer? How are you managing the tasks of daily living? Are you able to get your own meals or do you have support?


Hi Teresa,
Age 35 – Impact of the right arm biceps & triseps with a slow progression and compensating with the left.
Age 55 – Impact of the left arm biceps & triseps and have seen multiple neurologist for the last 25 years.
I can manage , since I have the ability from the elbows , wrists and fingers. I do have support at home . It just that, there is no communication to the biseps & triseps. Also, I am utilizing the website provided. Much appreciated !

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