Ulcerative Colitis - Vedolizumab

Posted by mikee1 @mikee1, Oct 25, 2022

Hey guys, has anyone started Vedolizumab for ulcerative colitis? It’s 5 weeks since I started and feel like it’s not helping and I’m getting worse every day, going loo around 10 times passing a lot of blood and not much else, in a lot of pain feels like it’s swollen that much inside I can’t pass any stools. Was diagnosed in 2016, went on infliximab and it worked very fast and was fine 4 years then stopped it 2020 During Covid, have been fine for last 2 years and then it’s flared up again, they gave me infliximab and sorted me within 2 days, then my next infusion was due and I went in, had a reaction and felt like I couldn’t breath, they now won’t give me infliximab and checked for anti -bodies which came back fine but said to start on Vedolizumab, I just want infliximab as I know this works straight away for me 🙁

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@mikee1, welcome. I'm concerned about your reporting that you're having a lot of blood and pain. This sounds like you need immediate medical attention. Can you get an appointment with your doctor or go to a clinic asap?

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Please let me know what you find out from a medical professional about the bleeding.



I've had UC for about 20 years now. It didnt use to bother me much. Once ina blue i'd have a flare and it would go away on its own. Last September it got really bad, I started seeing alot of blood loss in my stool, my blood count drops. The first day i noticed alot of blood i passed out and was hospotalized for two week trying to figure out where the bleeding was coming from.
I was started on Entyvio, been taking it for about six months an djust found out through a colonoscopy that it did nothing for me. This was dissappointing to hear. I was looking forward to getting better. Seeing blood in my stool send me into anxiety and reminds me of the day i passed out. Right noe we are using 10-20 mg of prednisone to control the bleeding when it occurs..
Doctors are talking about starting me on Remicaide. Has anyone tried this and it was successful.

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