Trigeminal neuralgia and brain tumor

Posted by joyceg @joyceg, Feb 4, 2019

My wife 0f 85 years of age has been suffering for the last 2 years, pain level 5 to 8. Local Drs. could not help her. They tried cortisone shots in the head and botox in the neck. She is currently on Norco and gapapentin with little or no relief. The pain starts on the right side of the face and travels to the head. The only relief comes when she is sleeping. a mri showed a small tumor that was ruled insignificant.

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I also had Trigenimal Neuralgia I only got relief after my tumor was removed. I had mine removed at Mayo, get their advice.


Have you tried CBD oil in the form of tincture? Or RSO(Rick Simpson Oil)? I take CBD in the morning so I can function during the day and RSO at night before I go to bed so I can sleep off any THC affects it might give me. This has helped me tons and enabled me to come off from chemotherapy last October. I had a stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma tumor Idh1 tumor removed in March 2015 and on Temodar for 3 years including maintenance. They saw a spot and after taking the CBD and RSO. The spot was no longer seen on MRIs. Since my last MRI in Jan. 2019 I am now out 3 months for my next one. This is a first, since my surgery, where they have been watching me very closely.


Hi @joyceg @vickieg and @shell68, I'd also like to bring @ccmars and @jcciam2000 into this discussion to share their experiences with trigeminal neuralgia and brain tumor.

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