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Type 2 diabetes

Posted by @marya, Aug 23, 2011

I just found ot I have type 2 diabetes and would like help wth meal planning…what to eat and what NOT to eat…..also any input would be helpful.



jeffrey murray

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Posted by @jeffreymurray, Sep 3, 2011

Hi MaryA,
How are you doing with setting up a meal plan, I am recently diagnosed type 2 and don’t know what to do,how to eat,and I am afraid of the consequences of my actions and how everything i put in my mouth effects my health.write back if your interest in sharing or maybe you may know a place online that has been helpful.
thanks Jeff


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Posted by @marya, Sep 12, 2011

Hi Jeff…..I find I can keep my blood sugars pretty much under control if I eat something every 3 hours, drink alot of water. I also have started making some homemade vegetable soup in my slow cooker… kidney beans, broccli, califower..carrots ( I used diced tomato in a can the low sodium). You can add any kind of veg you want. I get turkey sausages(gives you your protien), oatmeal….plain( and I add fruit).. Like I said…I have found….eating a little something every 3 hours really helps. Hope to talk to you soon.


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Posted by @brianmarr, Jan 4, 2012

Mary and Jeff,
My name is Brian.
I work with a company called Saladmaster and work hand in hand with many type 1 and 2 diabetes.
We specialize in eliminating the use if high heats and oils well maintaining the maximum nutrition in your foods, help you look better, feel better, and live longer.
Vegetables are very heat sensitive and by preparing them in such a state where high heats and waters are used, we are actually losing 60-90 of our nutrition.
Also Saladmaster has designed cookware which does not allow metals leaching into our foods.
I would love to hopefully be able to help you both as much as i can.
Please feel free to respond and I will get back to you ASAP.



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Posted by @sueinthedesert, Feb 25, 2012

hi, Jeff and mary,
I am new to the dm disease too, i think i’ m on the wrong track with my diet. I do not eat snacks, try to stay away from white foods and eat more meat and greens than i used to, but still have problems with my sugar. Any suggestions? thanks, sue


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Posted by @antz, Oct 12, 2011

Hi All. Tell me is it easier or cheaper to find food stuffs for diabetics as well as the recipes that make the food palatable? I live in Cape Town and find it an expensive exercise to find something that I can eat as a diabetic which I can afford.


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Posted by @yusofa, Oct 9, 2012

A bunch of us are in the same boat. Best advice is stay away from carbs, like white things, poatoes, white rice, bread, cake, root veggies (beets and sweet potatoes can be good), many of us on organic and wash carefully for bugs, even in strawberries. Two Frits daily or you can get a rise in glucose levels. Eat frequently, keeps the big cravings away. As for fake sugar, we use stevia, the leaf stuff, some fakes are made with wood alcohol, so buyer beware. Many food labels do not include everything. Most of us stay away from corn products, diabetes or not. If you have allergies or just want more info, see tv film, “Edible Enemies”, and if you look at kosher products, especially around Passover, majority have no wheat, low in carbs, no corn products. The big kosher checking companies–you can call company or kosher certifying agency to get the facts. Also, bison as meat for stews, meatballs, etc. has less fat, calories and additives than chicken, so many have their iron, etc. with salad and a fresh veggie and glucose stays around normal. We have used rice noodles for spaghetti, almost 0 carbs, we slice up zucchini and dip in egg, then oat flour, seasoned, and lightly fry, just a grat alternative. Spaghetti squash is good too. We use califower also as a sub for potato salad or as a sub for spaghetti by using cheddar mixed with drained cottage, large curd cheese with sauce. We cut pita in half, add roasted garlic, onions, mushrooms, sauce and cheese, we have a low carb pizza. We just do not add salt, it is the carb that raises the blood sugars. Plenty of great cook books out there, even a low carb and calorie choc. We use soy based fake sausage with all the trimming, using the large mushrooms as the bun, or use a half of a pita. I do miss the tacos, but those that have high blood levels found they were the culprit. For sweetening, we use guava juice, the leaf stuff, orange blossom honey, unsweetened apple sauce, pure maple syrup. We drink our own ice tea, made with lemongrass, black pekot, Pom juice. So, learn to substitute, find a good book store and look for recipes you can fix and everyone can enjoy. Check with doc on your progress and keep records.

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