Type 2 Diabetes and Low Free T 4

Posted by lewin @lewin, May 23 3:44pm

I cannot find a good endo in Pittsburgh. I have tested positive for small fiber neuropathy and last endo I saw was terrible. She didn't even know diabetes is number one cause of neuropathy. Also found out from last doctor who I stopped seeing after she wanted to give me hormones for sweating (74) which is autonomic neuropathy. I have IBS and want to see a endocrine specialist who is competent. I called ADA and got no where. Mother was gestational diabetic with me and went on to develop diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.Aunt had type 1. Very dissatisfied with medical care system. Also have bad arthritis.

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@lewin I’m so sorry for all the bad medical issues you are experiencing! This is probably way too obvious but do you have a primary doc that you are satisfied with? If so perhaps you could ask that doc for a referral to or recommendation for an endocrinologist. Sometimes a good internal medicine doc can be helpful. Could you try that?

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