Tympanoplasty: Scared and optimistic about surgery

Posted by kimincolumbiasc @kimincolumbiasc, Mar 21 11:50pm

Hey y'all! So I'm scheduled for this surgery in May. I had a nice open hand hit to my ear back in 2015 and my eardrum was broken. It started draining and becoming infected after using a mask in 2020 and now I can barely hear our my ear and doctor's say it's time for surgery. I'm scared and optimistic but would love some support on this! I hope to be supportive to all of you as well…

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Hi @kimincolumbiasc, I get that feeling of scared and optimistic. It sounds like you're ready for the benefits that they tympanoplasty can offer, but naturally hesitant about the procedure too. I'm bringing fellow members like @carlavan and @sueinmn into the discussion to share what they know about the procedure. And to provide their support.

I encourage you to journal your experience here to help others too. I'm sure you have a number of questions and thoughts going through your mind. What is preoccupying your thoughts today?


@kimincolumbiasc Wow, that's a long wait with an open wound in your eardrum! If it makes you feel any better, my daughter had a complete tympanoplasty back in 1987, at the age of 7. It required a small patch a few years later where the graft did not heal completely. She is now 40+ with a complete eardrum and only a mild hearing loss from the scar (her hearing in that ear was less than 5% before repair). It was scary to have such an operation on my young child, but it made her quality of life so much better.

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