Two Different Opinions from four radiologists

Posted by worriedwoman @worriedwoman, Feb 20, 2018

I got two different opinions from four radiologists from three different institutions on my mammograms. Two said the the cluster of calcifications are new. Another two said there increased in numbers when compared with prior studies. And none of them is going to discuss with me more about their findings. And they all suggested biopsy. I feel extremely uncomfortable with the situation. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Micro calcifications is how I found my lobular breast cancer early (which was Stage 0 four years ago...or cancer that might or might not happen). I had the biopsy and then a follow up 'lumpectomy' they determined I might get breast cancer. I had follow up Mammograms and visits with an oncologist and surgeon every six months and at four years they found Lobular Cancer in the opposite breast. So I had activity in both and had a bi lateral mastectomy two years ago. I was grateful to have had a heads up on the potential for cancer and to catch it at a Stage 1 when I had my breasts removed. My cancer had not spread and it's because I followed up on the original biopsy. Those biopsies aren't fun and it's all very stressful BUT.........a certain configuration of micro calcifications can show an early start on cancer and in the early stages it's so much more treatable. Of course, it might not be cancer (which would be great) but despite the extra time, worry, cost and pain...finding cancer early is so much better. I questioned the biopsy and was reluctant to jump into a lot of surgery, etc. but today I'm glad I did. So far, two years cancer free and counting!

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