Twitching since years in the same spot

Posted by marek @marek, Jun 21 11:57am

I´m writing today because I´m very confused about some issues..
In fact, I've been living with fasciculation for 11 years.. the first spot started in my right upper abs below my ribs, and since that day this spot is still twitching.. and sometimes cramping when I´m bending to lace my shoes for exemple but i´ts less common today.
The first 6 month I did 2 emg and a check up with a neurologist.. everything was good, no fascis found.. good news but I don't know why this spot is still twitching. I was a lot worried with als for years, that anxiety makes me pop my muscles from everywhere but it´s appears and disappears depending the stress situation.
Does someone experienced something like that?
cramps and twitching in abs below the right rib cage, and twitching for years?..
(I hope this is not a timebomb that will lead me to a more serious disease)
thanks all for reading this discussion.

Ps: when the twitching starts in my abs 11 years ago, I remember that I was standing and felt multiple contracture with a lot of pain in my right upper abs. Since that day, my twitching are still there.

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Hello @marek and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can imagine this has been something you'd like to get to the bottom of given the very lengthy amount of time it has been going on for.

When I did a quick google search some reasons included diaphragm spasms, muscle strain during heavy use or overuse, fatigue, dehydration, alcohol or drug use, a direct blow to the rib cage such as from a fall or car accident.

Have you looked into any of these or do any of these sound plausible?


I used to have eye twitches for decades but gone now.
I wonder if @amandajro research applies to eyes & sides.
I do get bad side pain and twitches that pulls me to the ground occasionally but doesn't happen often, only if I walk to far or am upright to long that pain & side twitches happen. I had seizures on the roof, tree, ladder that I fell out/off of. Had accident, took out a telephone pole and a couple of orange trees maybe because of seizure.
Do you notice the twitches/spasms during over exertion.
Take care,

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