twitching eyes when closed

Posted by prashantnayal123 @prashantnayal123, Sep 27, 2017

When i close my eyes my both eyes starts twiching otherwise they are normal no problem I ask my mbbs practicing friend he said it is due magnesium deficiency.

Hi Prashantnayal,
Mayo Clinic’s website lists a variety of causes of eye or eyelid twitching.

Did this start suddenly and recently? Are you stressed or particularly fatigued lately?

Thank u for replying actually i will tell u in brief we are only 4 members in our family and we love each other sooo much and we are very poor so having each other love is the only good thing i have seen in my life.
Last year my father died in an very bad accident and that was the biggest trauma of my life.
And this eye twiching started when i saw my father at the ventilator and i came home i tried to sleep but i started to feel that something is wrong then i found out that my eyelids are twiching when i close them

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. This must be hard for you and the rest of your family. I suspect it will take some time to replace the image of your father in ICU and on a ventilator with fonder images of your father in happier times. Dealing with the after affects of intensive care actually has a name: post-intensive care syndrome (PICS). It can affect either the patient or family members or both. You may be interested in reading more about this on the Mayo Clinic PICS Page here:

Please also join the discussion here if you wish to talk about it with others

Mam this pics can be cured or not

Please tell mam i am very poor and also only wage earner in my small family

But mam i wan to ask one thing a friend told me that this is blepharospasm but my eyelids twich only one i close my eyes otherwise there is no problem i am absolutely fine and in blepharospasm twiching is constant so can it be blepharospasm


Please tell mam i am very poor and also only wage earner in my small family

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PICS can be helped with support. I encourage you to join the conversation and use Connect as your support group to help manage the stress since your father’s passing. It is free.

I agree that this sounds like blepharospasm. This can be due to stress and eye fatigue. (over using a computer for example). Warm compresses to eyelids and gentle massage of eyelids and relaxation can help this to finally go away.

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