Does anyone use curcumin (Turmeric) to address autoimmune diseases?

Posted by vonbaron36 @vonbaron36, Jul 21, 2016

Has anyone besides me used curcumin to address autoimmune diseases.

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My RA doctor is treating my very mild new case with auto immune diet,
Probiotics, turmeric tablets, fish oil tablets.

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I take 3,000mg of turmeric, spaced at 3 times a day. Also have started taking CBD oil. So far, so good, 🙂


I had been taking 1,000mg of curcumin/turmeric each day to see if it helped with PMR symptoms. I had tapered Prednisone from 20mg per day to 2,5mg but had flare up because of almost 2 weeks of continuous stress. Not wanting to go up on the medicine, I decided to try various other methods to relieve nightly pain and daily fatigue. Yesterday I increased Turmeric to 3,000mg daily, this morning I have stiffness, but no debilitating pain. Of course I really don't know if this is because of the increased Turmeric, however, I plan to continue with the increased dosage.

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Lots of people like turmeric. I put it in my soups. You are taking more than in my soups.

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