Tumid Lupus and Antibiotics

Posted by mnkennedy @mnkennedy, Feb 3, 2020

Hello! I have noticed over the last year that when I am put on antibiotics my skin completely clears. Last week I was prescribed antibiotics for a horrible sinus infection with a cough. Monday and Tuesday my skin was flaring horribly. I had the classic butterfly rash but it was redder or more angry than normal. I started the antibiotics on Tuesday evening. The rest of the week is kind of a blur do to being so stuffed up. This morning I noticed my skin is completely clear and where the plaques were is flat. I am loving it as my skin is rarely completely clear. I was able to wear a v neck shirt today and put my hair up as I am not trying to hide the marks. Has anyone else experienced this? I see my dermatologist at the end of March and will bring it up to him then.

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