How many men have Tumid Lupus? Anyone else?

Posted by rob54 @rob54, May 18, 2021

around 20 years ago I was told I had Tumid Lupus at that time I was told that I was only a handful of men who have it in the US . I have so many ? about why I have it other men do not. Do women get as sick as I do when they have the Flu ? It will kick my ASS and keep me in bed for weeks. My flare ups started on my back 20 years ago and now has spread top of head and all over chest. I find it comes when stress comes and also when I stay out in the Sun to long. I thought the doctors would try to see what is different between other men and I to see if they can find a reason or cure. How many Men have it now ? Are doctors just looking to treat it and not cure the illness.

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You have good questions and I am not the one that knows the answer. I have known several ladies with lupus.. I do not know which types they had.. they seem to have varying symptoms and so long ago I don't remember the details. My husband was in the Army then and people come and go in your life.

My father-in-law had symptoms of lupus from taking I think it was a blood pressure medication and again it was many years back and I do not remember what his symptoms were. He died in 2018 of lung cancer.

Hopefully someone will see your post and have some answers for you.

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Hello @rob54 Welcome to MayoClinicConnect where members come to give and get information and support. We’re not doctors so we don’t give medical advice. You say that you’ve had timid lupus for about 20 years.
Some scholars say that TL is an autoimmune disease and others disagree. I’ve included an article that may give you some more information while we wait for other members to chime in.
Are you currently being treated for timid lupus and what is your treatment?

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