Trouble swallowing: Is this age related or something else?

Posted by gardibble9870 @gardibble9870, Mar 29, 2023

For the past year or so I have had trouble swallowing. I am 93 years old and wondered if this was some thing related to old age or if other people have tis problem also.

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It can be related to normal aging process, anything else going on? Have you lost weight?


There are a lot of other things going on. Have lost about 10 # But needed to lose a little. I am not over weight but all my muscle has turned to flab. I am 93.


Wow, that is alot to deal with. Hope you are better now.

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Have you worked with a speech-language pathologist?


Hi i’m 90 and do experience swallowing problems occasionally but for the most part i have no problems . The reason being ,
i just stop and take my time eating and make sure i chew my food throughly This helps me


I got choked twice . First time I went to ER, second time foof got stuck in my windpipe. I don't know how I got it to go down. I'm having a Fluoro Barium Swallow With Speech test today to see what's going on


I’m glad to hear you got a Barium Swallow “Fluoroscopy” done! That should hopefully result in some answers for you; or rule out other complications. Although I’m 43 yrs old; I have friends/ neighbors who have had similar complications of food getting stuck in the windpipe and choking; etc. It’s awful to hear you experienced that and is quite scary when it affects an airway! My friend was told it was a condition (can’t recall the name of it) related to his diabetes and the only way to repair it would be to remove part of his colon tissue & replace the affected tissue in his throat with it since it’s the only compatible option in the human body. Sounds disgusting 🤢 I know but also makes sense. He opted NOT to do the procedure; I just want to share for info purposes. There’s often a much simpler cause as well 😉
I myself; live with a rare spinal disease which causes a hoarse voice and potential complications of bone spurs in my neck to compress my air way & causing me to choke as well. I had a Fluoroscopy last year to check the status after having similar choking issues that you mentioned. All is good in my throat! 👍🏻 However; during my Endoscopy (Gastroenterologist) last year; my G.I. Dr discovered a Narrowing in my stomach referred to a Schatzki’s Ring which was causing GERD symptoms; but reflux acid wasn’t coming all the way up into my throat for me to be aware of it so I had no reason to suspect it as the cause!
Anyhow; he stretched the “Ring” and I changed my diet; started taking Famotadine for the GERD; drinking a bottle of Alkaline water with dinner every night; even changed my toothpaste to Biotene which doesn’t have (SLS) Sodium Laurel Sulfate in it (I’m allergic/sensative) and became more mindful about eating lighter meals; no late night snacking or eating 3-4 hours before bed and the results have been Remarkable! I was able to REVERSE my Esophagitis from a Grade 2 to a Grade 1 and improve (heal) the damage to my gut! I also take a Women’s Daily Probiotic Every Day to help maintain healthy bacteria in there as well.
I wish you well on your path to healing and finding a solution that works for you ❤️‍🩹 🙏🏻

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