Trouble breathing from liver metastasis

Posted by jessieleigh @jessieleigh, Dec 21, 2022

Hello, my father has pancreatic adenocarcinoma with liver metastasis and peritoneal carcinomatosis. He is home now and on hospice. He has difficulty breathing due to liver tumors compressing his diaphragm. He is on oxygen already and uses albuterol with a nebulizer but is still suffering because of difficulty breathing. How can I make him more comfortable? Please help.
Thank you

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@jessieleigh I'm sorry to hear of your Dad's struggle. It is great that hospice is helping all of you through this difficult journey.
May I ask if he has been evaluated to be sure it is actually the tumors causing his discomfort? Often in late stages of disease, the abdominal cavity fills with fluid, causing some of these symptoms. Removing the fluid periodically can improve breathing and overall comfort. Otherwise, a call from the hospice nurse to respiratory therapy may provide other suggestions.
I wish all of you peace and comfort as your Dad transitions.


@jessieleigh, how are you and your family doing?

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