Knee trouble again.....

Posted by Barb @amberpep, Sep 27, 2019

I had a knee replacement abut 5 years ago, and a revision about 3 years ago. As one of the other folks said, I can't kneel on that knee very well. Now my other knee is acting up I've been wearing a brace for several days now, and it helps, but once it's off, it starts again. I've. decided that if I have to have the ofher one done, I'll see my original doctor in MD.,have all the test done down here and then let my doctor in MD decide what I should do. If he thinks
I Ishould have it done, then I'll have him do it rather than down here (Staunton, VA) whom I know nothing about.

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@amberpep I’m sorry to hear that your knee is acting up, but since you are confident of the doctor who did the first knee I think it’s smart to stick with him if you need a second TKR. How far are you from the original doctor?
Hopefully you will need something less than a TKR but if not you will be going to a doctor whom you trust.


Hi @amberpep - I think you have made a sound decision. Nothing takes the place of having a doctor you trust. I've had two TKR's and I promise you that I would have waited as long as it took to have my fabulous surgeon do my second knee! Am I correct that you had the TKR and the revision on one knee about 2 years apart The other knee was your "good" knee and now it's causing problems. Is that correct? Can I asked what happened that caused you to have to have a revision on the 1st surgery?

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