Trigger thumb: What helps?

Posted by ellerbracke @ellerbracke, Sep 16, 2022

It may seem fairly unimportant, considering the major joint issues here, but I got punished for extreme (weather/timing) related repetitive motion – weed pulling, pruning – by suddenly having a trigger thumb. It is very irritating, mildly painful, and definitely limiting in what I allow myself to do. It is hard to impossible to resist using the thumb as usual – 73+ years of no problems can’t overcome innate moves. PT person I saw for back issues told me to lay off, and maybe it will resolve itself in a week or 2. Stiffness, clicking, and pain easing up some after 5 days, but not much. Any quick-fix suggestions so I can get back to normal hand use? I usually do not take anti-inflammatories as a matter of course. Or pretty much any OTC meds, period, so I have not tried that route. May try Voltaren topical treatment…. .

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I’m dealing with trigger ring fingers (both). My right one just folds down and I have to lift it up with my left hand.
The left finger either won’t bend or it gets stuck too.
I’ve already had surgery on my left hand. Arthritis is my problem…


After physical therapy on trigger finger on my ring finger, I had a "release" operation. It healed fairly quickly and has resolved the issue.


I have been taking Anadtrozole for about 8 months. I had occasional bouts of trigger finger but it seemed to be getting worse. My oncologist took me off Anastrozole for 8 weeks but there was not any change with the trigger finger. He has decided to change medication to a low dose of Tamoxofin because he doesn't want my hand to get worse and I am not having bone pain now. He believes my chances of a blood clot taking Tomoxofin are low even though I have the Factor Five Leiden Gene. I thought this information might be helpful to others.


Soak in hot Epsom salts water


Definitely try Voltaren and I suggest wearing a thumb brace at night and during the day as much as possible.

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