Tremors in fingers?

Posted by bobstokes11 @bobstokes11, May 31 6:09am

Does anyone get shaking or essential tremors in their fingers?
It just started a few weeks ago in right hand.
Cause for concern?

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I have essential tremor in my hands, left hand is worse than right. I don't dare carry a glass or cup of liquid in my L, ok in the R. Normally I use a tray if I'm carrying two or more itens. Writing a check - I'm R handed - is very hard. I'm working with a hand physical therapist who has devised a heavy pen for me to use. How to make a pen heavy? She taped a large heavy bolt to it, the bolt being about 3 inches long and maybe 3/8 inch dia. It makes it much easier to control my hand movements. Now I need to get myself to the hardware store to get a bolt. The therapist has also given me exercises to increase the strength of muscles in my hands that control much of the movement.

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A fountain pen may help writing with slight hand tremors.
The point drags on the paper, similar to the resistance of the bolt.
My handwriting with a ball point pen is a mess!


Ed: Thanks for the suggestion about a fountain pen. I still have a couple around here somewhere. This will be qa hunting expedition to find them. Haven't had a bottle of ink for years!


I have had shaky hands all of my life and had started to look at beta blockers. An old friend saw my tremor and suggested CBD. I tried it and the results have been amazing for me. Tremor is pretty much completely gone.

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