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Tree Nut Allergies

Posted by @mkaiser in About Kids & Teens, Aug 7, 2012

This is a discussion regarding Tree Nut Allergies/Peanut Allergies ~ Please post any questions you have and hopefully someone will have an answer. Below is my question:

What pre-cautions should be taken by teens with nut allergies when they start dating? Could a first kiss be deadly? And if so how can it be prevented?

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Posted by @thriller54321, Aug 24, 2012

My 15 year old is over weight and pre-diabetic, but she cant ear anything that grows on trees because they make her mouth and throat itch. Is there anything I cac give her to counter-act this


Posted by @anon98332461, Sep 2, 2012

Benedryl ! Have her carry the to go chewables!


Posted by @anon98332461, Sep 1, 2012

Yes it can be!! Epi pen needs to be with and boy or girl ? Needs to be educated fast on trace amounts of tree or peanut can be life threatning

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