Treatment for AML Relapse

Posted by timt347 @timt347, Nov 4 8:57am

Has anyone had a relapse of AML and survived more than one year? If so, I would be interested in hearing about what type of treatment lead to a (relatively) favorable result. I would also be interested in hearing about attempts to treat relapsed AML that did not work out. I have an oncologist and medical care. I am looking for new information.

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That’s a tough news! I personally don’t have experience with relapsed AML, since I had a successful stem cell transplant over 7 years ago. I have heard of people who received a second transplant, some from the original donor, and that was successful. I’m very sorry for the bad news…


@timt347, reading your previous posts, I understand you are currently treating the relapsed AML with venetoclax and azacititine. How are you doing on this treatment protocol?

I know that CAR-T cell therapy has shown promise in animal models. I'm not sure if they have moved into human trials yet. Have you searched for clinical trials for relapsed AML and CAR-T cell therapy?


I am responding to the two drugs (V. and A. for short). The problem with them is that at some point the leukemia cells develop resistance and the drugs stop working.

There may indeed be a clinical trial of some type in my future. I would do it just to advance the state of research if I had no treatment options.

In "New Scientist" magazine within the past year I happened across an article about CAR-T cells and leukemia. (See from December 2022.) It looked promising for some leukemias, but not others. However, it seemed to be an active area of research as researchers sought to overcome obstacles.

Your post caused me to look for and find the following article. I used Google to search for "CAR-T cell therapy for AML".
Title: Researchers Develop a Potential “Universal” CAR T-Cell Therapy for Blood Cancers

The article is on a blog from the National Cancer Institute. I will read it.
It is from September 27th of this year, so it is very recent. If it looks at all promising I will forward it to my doctor.

My transplant specialist did not think that I was a good candidate for a second bone marrow transplant, and he was not crazy about any type of immunotherapy for me. We will see what happens.

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