Transformed Lymphoma

Posted by susanlim @susanlim, Sep 1, 2020

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma, which transformed to high grade DLBCL about 18 months after my diagnosis. I am interested to hear from others who may have undergone this event. Best wishes, Susan

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Hello Susan, my husband at 67 years old was diagnosed with DLBCL, according to haematologist from MZL (marginal zone lymphoma). He was stage 4, in his bones, blood, spleen and three nodules in right lung. All tested positive for B cell cancer. He finished R-CHOP (six rounds) has since had Rituximab injection which he will continue every three months. How long he is having Rituximab injections I"m uncertain, though it does have a finish time as it can be toxic. He is currently in remission and has gone from once a week blood tests to once a month. Your indolent lymphoma (Follicular) cannot be cured but a percentage of people never progress to a high grade. Get all the information you can (myself I went to medical studies) google what you had and what it has progressed to. Don't go to any site that is not medical. Good luck, hope you are as fortunate as my husband is so far.


Thank you, Lucy. I am glad to hear things are going well with your husband. There is so little information about Transformed Lymphoma. Best, Susan

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