Topical Diclofenac gel for PN foot pain?

Posted by terrydclaar @terrydclaar, Feb 21, 2020

Just started using topical application of 1% Diclofenac gel for extreme foot pain and sensitivity caused by PN. Any have experiences with this approach to PN pain relief? Terry

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@terrydclaar Have not even heard of it! Tell us all more! Lori Renee


@terrydclaar my primary care doc prescibed Diclofenac gel for my knee pain before I had a total knee replacement done. Unfortunately it didn't help the pain much for me.


My pain management doctor prescribed it to me and I tried it for 6 months. I got they same amount of relief using regular hand lotion, so I quit using it. The creams seem to cool my feet off and that is what makes them feel better. Now I do things like put cold water on my feet to cool them off and help with the pain. Good luck.


My doctors told me that it wouldn't do anything for neuropathy pain. I do rub it on my right thumb for arthritis, and it helps it. It's called Voltaren gel.


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