Toddlers and Tubes

Posted by akirelan @akirelan, Feb 12, 2018

My son (2.5yrs) just had his first set of tubes put in at the beginning of the year. One stays clear and the other one has problems getting clogged. Anyone have any advice? He is my only child so I have had no experience with this prior to having him.

Hello @akirelan, Thank you for posting this question.

@akirelan, I would like to introduce you to @dawn_giacabazi, who will hopefully be willing to talk with you regarding her perspective as a mother whose child has suffered blocked tubes before. (Hi Dawn! 🙂 ) Dawn, do you have any information available to offer up to @akirelan?

Here is some information on tubes from Mayo Clinic- If the problem persists, you should reach out to your son's medial provider. Please keep us updated on how he is doing.

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