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Posted by Anonymous-d7b273ed in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Oct 21, 2012

I want to mention that for stong bones as well as muscles you have to have a good diet eating foods that are loaded with calcium and minerals
look up a list of them and eat them , you have to do weight resistance also
I would recommend using a weight vest. it makesbone stronger if you wear it while just walking or doing any activity. The vest is very comfortable because it is actually made for a womans body my doctor said my bone is getting stronger from doing my weight vest walkng with nyknyc. I am so happy because I am afraid of drugs.

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Posted by @vaneta, Nov 2, 2013

I would really like to halt the progress of bone loss. I am 79 and have had many bone density test over the years, Each time there is more bone loss. I took Fosamax for over 8 years with no results and Boniva for 3 years or so, also with no results. I had not had a test for 2 years and I really worked during that time. Lifting weights ,walking, Getting on the ionic free motion machine at the gym. (trainer said it was recommended). Taking gobs of Calcium (plant based), D,K, Magnesium etc. And it was even lower this time too. I really am afraid to take anymore Meds. because of the side effects. I am really way down on the scale. Does anyone have any recommendations? NM


Posted by @opeiusdei777, Jan 20, 2016

vaneta... I have been trying to do my natural approach for strong bones and Its is working I was using my nyk weight vest to get my weight bearing workout 2 hrs a day is good and also I have discovered some great videos on youtube by Dr whitcome on the importance of K2 to help keep bones strong so I get the kerry gold butter and use it on toast etc its loaded with grass fed cows butter full of K2 to keep bone strong also takng raw milk and yogurts and my bones are gettng stronger so I recommend this program and dont forget to make bone broth
they say the bone broth has lots of calcium from cookng the bones and it is absorbed fast by your body so that is great. see vest at


Posted by @gatorjaws, Nov 23, 2015

That is great information. Hearing what someone has tried for years,and the results of it will help others make smart decisions. Thanks for posting.


Posted by @opeiusdei777, Jan 9, 2016

I was told by my MD that I have osteoporosis and then told I have to use some drug called fosamax. I told the MD that I would like to try to turn it around naturally he gave me a year to do this. I changed diet added lots of yogurt organic foods raw milk and all things that love your bones. Esp grass fed cow butter for vit K then I got a weight vest by NYKNYC for my weight workouts. Long story short its a yr later My bones have gotten dense stronger and my physician is really impressed he said I will not need to take the drug and he said to keep doing what I am doing!!

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Posted by @colleenyoung, Jan 9, 2016

Welcome to Connect @opeiusdei777.
I'm the Community Director here. I moved your message to this discussion thread because I think @vaneta and @gatorjaws would want to hear about your success which is similar to the original person who posted. Congratulations.

You have a lot of discipline. Do you find it a challenge to stick with the "bone loving" diet and to workout with the vest? May I ask how old you are (or age range)?

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