Wishing best wishes to all this weekend

Posted by alamogal635 @alamogal635, Sat, Apr 20 11:24am

Just want to wish all of you a Happy Easter and a Blessed Passover. Hope whoever you are that the weather is pleasant and you are enjoying life as much as possible. I think of all of you as my family and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

@alamogal635 Thanks. Currently observing Passover. The weekend was quiet and uneventful.


lady1lake Am fascinated by the artificial multi-focal artificial lenses. Did this come about due to cataracts? I am due soon for that surgery and would give anything for NO glasses and my old 20/20 vision. Sounds wonderful.

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The lense replacement was very easy. No plain at all, just have to remember to take the prescribed drops at the right times. Fortunately my sweet husband helped me keep track of those time periods. Now having finished with all of that regime everything is very good. The lense does take a little longer time to adjust to brightness or dimness of light, according to variances.

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So happy for you. Thank you for explaining it to me.

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