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Posted by @jenniferohearn, Jul 7, 2011

Hello – I’m new to the community here. I am considering requesting an appointment at Mayo earlly next year for chronic TMJ pain that has been going on for 11 years and consistently worsens. I’ve been to every type of doctor under the sun, and am currently getting Botox injections and wear a splint, all to no avail. Can anyone tell me about your experience at Mayo for TMJ? Thanks so much.

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Posted by @sm10092003, Aug 13, 2011

No experience at Mayo, but took daughter who suffers from severe TMJ to A. Richard Goldman, DDS, Head and Neck Pain Center in Chicago, after years of suffering, surgeries, meds, and being told it was a psychological problem. His treatment FINALLY lessened her pain. He has a book you can download free off his website too. Good luck to you.


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Posted by @sageacton, Sep 15, 2011

Visit – You need an neuromuscular dentist.


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Posted by @sunset74, Oct 30, 2011

My experience/pain was alleviated with orthodontia braces (for five years, adult, doc said two) surgery was recommended but I opted to go this route. It was maddening for two years! Having seen so many professionals with different opinions, it was crazy. TMJ, I’ve learned, mimics many ailments. Truly, I’m better and am great full for the chiropractor who recognized this
Now there are braces that correct the bite quickly and almost invisible, good luck, ou vay, I feel your pain….


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Posted by @tatt00edraven, Aug 28, 2012

Hi there, my experience with the Mayo Clinic and TMJ has been a blessing! I have dealt with the chronic pain of TMD/TMJ for the past 29 years and tried just about every therapy possible. I have worn a splint for the better part of those 29 years – I still do – because I am a constant gritter and grinder but since the surgery at the clinic I have noticed my grinding has decreased along with the pain levels. Although I still have pain, it is not because of the surgery and it is absolutely no where near what I was experiencing before my visit and treatment to the clinic in Rochester about a year and half ago.I highly recommend the clinic, they are professional, kind and empathic. I hope you find some relief too.

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