Tkr Needing Opinions

Posted by kneepain1965 @kneepain1965, Jun 7 10:24am

Osteoarthritis left knee and 3 meniscus tears. Extreme swelling. Tkr needed. I don't want surgery. What can help besides weight loss or shots?

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I have a friend that has taken 3 Jel injections and she is doing really well with those. She didn’t want surgery either but agreed to these jell injections and they are helpful her.


The jell injections helped me a for a year. Do not put off the replacement surgery too long. I am 9 weeks post TKR, and I have no regrets.


I had to have 3 TKR on my left knee…Had a doctor in Henderson, NV do my first two replacements,
…. 1st one was fine for about a month and then my knee started hurting, discovered the replacement was loose…did a second TKR was good for about 2 months, then it started hurting again …. Was visiting my nephew in Arizona and it was hurting so bad, so he suggested to make an appointment at Mayo Clinic while you’re here and see what they say, so I did. Went in and had an appointment with Dr. Clarke. In the meantime I was talking to my sister and she said if you remember, mom was allergic to metal, my sister’s are all allergic to metal and as a matter of fact, I can’t wear costume jewelry! so after talking to him, he said yes that could be the problem. So I did a third replacement with Dr. Clark and he put in ceramic in my knee. Since then, I also have my right knee done and he put in ceramics. Have not had any problems with either knees since.

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