TKR ( insomnia)

Posted by marjoboz @marjoboz, Jun 3 1:42pm

8 weeks out & can’t go to sleep & or stay asleep.have done melatonin , Benadryl,mediatation apps…Dr prescribed Tazadone 50 mg & didn’t work , any suggestions I’m so tired of being tired & depressed! I do not nap during the day either!!

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I tried 50 mg of Trazadone and it didn't work. Went up to 100mg and it was the right amount for me. I am able to get up to 8 hours of sleep now. Once I am awake, I am able to get up with no fuzziness in my brain.


Thank you , may I ask how long ago you had TKR ? I’m hoping I do t have to continue taking meds forever!


I am at week 8 and good sleep very much is not existent. It is a combination of forms of insomnia but also various forms of TKR leg pain. Different pain in different locations. All practitioners say sleep is vital but it is still very off and on.
Trazadone is an old drug now used as a sleep. It is not addicting. You may need to in crease your dose to 100 or such.
Keep trying everything and anything. Maybe a combination of a Tylenol with your trazadone.
With me, each night is a bit of a different ‘pill’ approach - to kind of meet the tough day I had too.
Best of luck.

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