Posted by mlln46 @mlln46, Apr 26, 2023

I was diagnosed with PMR Nov. 2021. I am down to 1/2 predisolone pill every other day. In general. I continue to experience fatigue, off and on stiffness and in particular, on and off pain, swelling, stiffness in my neck, shoulder and for some reson I now have been experiencing symptoms in both hands, fingers and wrists, like I have CTS. Just providing a complete picture.
I've scheduled a new ortho appt. with the hope of having TKR in August.
My question: did anyone experience PMR getting in the way, meaning difficulty post surgery exercising. I know ice is a key to keep swelling down and of course movement. Also were pre op excercises helpful?

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Hello. I am scheduled to have TKR in 60 days but just got diagnosis for PMR. Very concerned that TKR will be postponed indefinitely until tapered down dose of Prednisone. I hope your TKR is/was successful.


I had both knees replaced at the height of PMR. There are some risks associated with being on prednisone whenever surgery is planned. The orthopedic surgeon took many precautions when I had back to back knee replacements --- the second 3 months after the first. The biggest concern was a risk of infections and delayed healing.

My TKA's went well. I was probably taking 30 mg of prednisone prior to doing my TKAs There was a "medical management team" separate from the "surgical team." I didn't know why the medical management team was very concerned about how I was doing. They were concerned about the potential for an adrenal crisis. The head doctor of the medical team was an endocrinologist. She and several resident doctors in training came into my room every hour to check on how I was doing. I thought they were too involved in my care and I didn't really know who they were. They said since I had taken prednisone for such a long time they were making sure that my IV infusion of corticosteroids was adequate.

My post-op recovery went well. About 3 months after my second knee replacement, my overall pain was less and I was able to reduce my prednisone dose to 20 mg.

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