Tired, Dizzy, Nauseous and Spotting for over a month

Posted by juliaguliastl @juliaguliastl, Sep 20 2:23pm

We moved 3 weeks ago, combining my BF and my households, total of 6 kids (some big, some little). I thought my spotting was just from stress before the move but it has continued now for over a month. I have to wear a tampon or pad every day. It's not heavy, but I have to change if I don't wear either. I also am worn out and tired. Cld my OBGYN and they said to take iron. I have been taking iron supplements almost a month, still spotting daily. I'm worn out and tired, nauseous too, every couple of days. I have an OBGYN appt this week, regular dr next week. Not sure if I'm about to start going through the change or what.

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juliaguliastl @juliaguliastl

Glad your following up with your providers.

Hopefully beside a pelvic exam they do blood work. Ask about an Iron / Ferritin blood test in addition to normal CBC (which includes hemoglobin).

Good luck


Hi @juliaguliastl, what did you learn at your appointment? How are you doing?

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