Tips for first dr visit and tests/appt schedules

Posted by jillnc @jillnc, Mar 21, 2017

I was asked by @colleenyoung to post some info I shared in another group. When you go for your initial visit if you are on a timeline and have to leave on a certain date be sure to tell the first dr you visit with. They still might not be able to get everything they want done, but at least they will know and if there are some tests or appts more important then others hopefully they’d be able to schedule those first. While not ideal I would say most tests can be done elsewhere (such as at home dr/hospital) if absolutely necessary and results sent back to mayo drs. Just remember you have options and ask what they are or even suggest ones and see what happens. My second tip is be sure that when you get your schedule of tests and appts you can always go to the desk the appt is scheduled for and see if you can get it moved up. I had tests over 4 days and got them all done in 1 1/2 days. I was able to get a dr appt moved up and freed up a whole day which that dr then added a bunch more testing so I was glad I had gotten things done to free up that day. There is a patient education center in the subway past the cafeteria that I never found time to go to, but really wish I would have.

Thanks, helpful.


We're you then scheduled for a followup appointment for surgery requiring an additional trip?


We're you then scheduled for a followup appointment for surgery requiring an additional trip?

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My own experience has always been that Mayo Clinic will work with you, the patient, to provide for your needs in the most efficient manner possible. While I don't have any experience directly related to your surgery question, I can share that once my doctor in the transplant department did stay late to see me so that I could be on my way home before an incoming snow storm.

Are you scheduled for an appointment to Mayo? Are you anticipating the need for surgery?

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