Tingling feeling all over body.

Posted by Ryman @ryman, Aug 27, 2017

Yesterday we went to a small state park. It was about 8 hours and was mostly riding. I awoke this morning around 4 AM with a tingling feeling moving all thru my body. It lasted till I got out of bed. I have vertigo, Lyme and a number of other things. Dehydration was suggested as a possibility. Any ideas? I happen to have an apt with my neurologist Tues so maybe she can shed some light on it. I have had at least one TIA, so weird things concern me. Thanks.

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The neurologist thinks the weird things that I have been having are a form of seizures. She said something in my brain causes it. I also have hallucinations,I see and smell things. So she ordered a n EEG and a prescription for a low-dose anti seizure. I also have to have a sleep study and see a cardiologist. And have some blood work. So!

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Seizures? I habe a form of them and have had it since I was in my early 30's. Mines called Clots of Microangiopathy. All the doctor about that. I'm having another MRI son because of other complications to my head and brain. But….i hope this helps. You see I have 4 different cancers running through my body that I habe to watch constantly but my brain going off into jolts is scary. I take trileptal 1200mg from my doctor for it. Some days I spark off anyway and can't see anything but shadows but I come out of it. The care givers MUST REMAIN CALM. Then it's over till next time. My heart is with you.


Hi @ryman,
I would just be guessing but I can share an experience I’ve had fairly often. I’m a side sleeper and most of the time my arm is under my pillow. I often wake up in the middle of the night with tingling in the hands and arms which the doctor has told me was most likely caused by pressure on a nerve (ulnar nerve I think). I will get up and after shaking my arm for a bit the feeling will return to normal – by normal I mean I still have some numbness and tingling in the hands and wrists from my polymyalgia rheumatica and carpal tunnel. Let us know what you find out from your neurologist on Tuesday – weird things bother me too!

Was the riding at the state park on a motorized vehicle? Just wondering if the vibration from 8 hours of riding might have caused it.


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I believe after riding and this pain and tingling you may have a ruptured disk or pinched nerve in your spine. Be very careful Ahmed go to the specialist… Neurologist! Okay sweetheart? Be safe. I'm sending love and hugs! I've been there!! 4 back surgeries for me. Pain pills for life but it's not so bad if I take them on time. Faith in God will truly help!!!! ❤


I'm getting an MRI to rule out a TIA soon and to see of I have tumors or what is happening in there. I've had over 20 emergency aureus in my life. I'm 61 and feel so alone except now I have found y'all!! My sister lives neat Mayo in Florida. She's in Fernando Beach, so if I ever need another surgery I want MAYO CLINIC.

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