Thyroid gland/goiter pushing o trachea.

Posted by marshbs @marshbs, Jun 8 12:37pm

My thyroid has to be removed due to pushing on trachea in the thoracic inlet. I have had nodules for many years and my thyroid gland is very big. She said I have Subclinical Hyperthyroidism. I had Subacute Thyroiditis twice. I would like to know if anyone has had terrible body aches due to thyroid problems. Now my ankles, hands and wrists hurt. My doctor says it does not cause body aches. I have been aching since January. I hope to hear from someone and thank you.

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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroidism 2 years ago and after these findings I did a lot of research and talked to my doctor about eliminating certain foods like gluten, dairy and soy. I did and began to feel better in my joints and the inflammation in my body is now gone. I also take 100 mcg of Synthroid to treat the hypothyroidism. I also have no taste or smell since having Covid in December of 2022…it’s been awful!


I had the exact same thing with my thyroid since 2017. Unfortunately, after the thyroidectomy ( when my body realized I didn't have a thyroid) my body crashed big time. It is almost 8 yrs now and I am still recuperating. I pray that you have NO such problems as I had. Wish the info WAD more uplifting but it is what it is. Everyone is different and you may NOT have any such problems.

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May i ask….are you prescribed levocyterizine (sp?)/synthroid daily? i was told by numerous drs that without i thyroid i would need to take replacenement thyroid hormone drug daily


My endocrinologist prescribed, last Wednesday, metamazole each day because my TSH is 0.08 and she told me I have Subclinical Hyperthyroidism. She said she needs to build up my TSH before surgery. My general doctor just put me on blood pressure medicine. I guess that can happen when you have thyroid problems. I won't see the endocrinologist/surgeon until July 29 (referral). It's hard to say when or if I'll have surgery. My endocrinologist is concerned because thyroid/goiter is is pushing on trachea.

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