I've had 3 cancers: Thyroid cancer, Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer

Posted by remi @remi, Nov 30, 2019

Why does it seem once you get one of these cancers thyroid cancer, lung cancer or breast cancer you all 3? I have had all 3 it started with the thyroid then the lung and next breast. The online lung cancer support group I follow it seems like a large amount of them have also had all three. But yet most drs say it’s not related and my drs don’t have an answer, I’m very curious

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@cbb– Good morning and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm glad that you found us. I'd love to know more about your interest in this post. Do you have 3 different cancers? I'm far from being a scientist and no nothing about Xrays side effects, especially as children. Do you have personal or professional knowledge of this?


I've also had multiple cancers, and not related to each other. Melanoma. Angiosarcoma, and a GIST. Also, and within a short time span, a large number of pre-cancer tumors which were surgically removed. That was a few years ago. Presently, I am having numerous skin cancers.
My doctors were not at all amazed or surprised, or even worried! But then, I had the bad luck of going to a very large teaching hospital where patient care was secondary and quite poor. Nevertheless, I managed to recover.
I do have a friend who is a cancer researcher in a cancer research facility; when I told him my history, he was sure it was no doubt a gene which gave me the pre-disposition for multiple cancers. He is interesting in testing, which is a lot more than my former doctors!

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Hello @mermaid7272,

Your story about your multiple cancers, not related to each other, is undoubtedly interesting to the medical community. I'm so glad to hear that you have recovered from your treatments. Sometimes teaching hospitals can very good patient care but it sounds as if this was not the case for you.

If you have children and/or grandchildren the results of gene testing might be very helpful for them in thinking about their future health. Are you considering the testing for the gene/genes that might be responsible for your cancers?

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